'Of the few languages I can speak, I feel absolutely the most fluent in Music.  I cannot remember ever 'not' speaking it and I still feel the child-like excitement of visiting that special place Music takes you to, every time I compose.

Composer, Classical Guitarist, Conductor & Pedagogue


Kate Harris is an established and popular actress who has appeared in numerous theatre productions around Australia, including 'The Doll House,' 'A Midsummer's Night Dream,' and 'She Stoops to Conquer,' to name but a few.  She has also had roles on Australian Televsion including 'City Homicide.' In the last few years she has turned her talents to producing, including the upcoming 'The Boe Sisters.'

Actor, Producer & Artist


Adrian has spent most of his life studying and deconstructing films, from the early silent period, to German Expressionism and to the outstanding era of Hollywood cinema - the 1970's.  He has 'real' depth of knowledge on all film matter & subjects and in the last twenty years has turned his knowledge of film into the construction of his own screenplays and treatements, including 'The Last Tree on Earth,' a future project for Goldfish Productions. 

Film Historian, Writer, Conceptual Artist


Brian McNamara is an experimental instrument builder and sound sculpture artist based in Bungendore, NSW, Australia. 
Brian mixes his passions for music, electronics and sculpture into unique objects that should need no explanation to play or experience but convey a deeper meaning in the context of their surroundings.  Brian builds a range of experimental instruments, with a focus on both autonomous soundart sculptures and interactive installation instruments that require the engagement of multiple people or unusual kinetic movements to be played. His instruments include computer programmed elements, percussion, found sounds from used electronics and purpose designed oscillators.

Experimental Instrument Builder &
Sound Scuplture Artist


Liz is an experienced artist and painter, who enjoys the occasional opportunity to produce films.  Her love of art is primarily, expressed through watercolour, all though Liz has worked extensively in acrylic as well.  Liz has always strived to create the best possible art direction for the work of Goldfish Productions and loves the challenges of creating fictional worlds from scratch.

Art Director & Producer